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Monday, July 13, 2009

Finished Thomas Jefferson image

These are the last to postings on my other blog that I am moving to this blog now.

One more finished. I really love how this one turned out. i pictured the Declaration Of Independence glowing...to represent Divine Guidance on the creation of it. I know you are wondering "how did you do that?" Really I don't know. I get in this zone when i am creating...recently I was told that it is the "R ZONE" meaning that you are totally in the Right side of your brain and that when you are in that zone you are lifted into a spiritual creative zone and your art comes together and you have no idea how to explain it when others ask. That is exactly what happened with this. In fact that is what happened when I first was figuring out how to do the photo shopping for Christ's scars on his hands when I first started. Every time I did it after that I was in that same zone...but with doing so many times..."the how" i did it stuck. So that I know now.

stage 3 (final)

Stage 2

Stage 1

I really love how this has an "OLD WORLD" Painter feel to it. The cool thing is with my shots like this...when you put the print in a room with low lighting the contrast give the illusion that the print is really glowing.

Now this next image is one that I did originally for my first collection. I just never finished it cause I wasn't sure how I wanted to finish it. There are still a couple of things I want to improve upon...which Im sure when I do Im sure no one but me will notice. "The ultimate curse of the artist" :)

This one is call "One at a Time"

There ended up not being much difference from the original. I added a sketch/pencil look around the edges so it was like going from a drawing to real life. It is not showing as strongly as I would like so I will end up adding to it more and having the sketched part show more toward the inside of the photo, but for now it works.

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