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I would like to invite anyone that would like to help spread the word.
If you have a blog or site, please download the images off my "gallery" and post them on yours with the web/blog address. I know that is will be huge help in spreading the word.

Many of you have asked when and where, you will be able to buy these photos? go to the link below or Click on the image of Christ to the bottom right of this message.
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Collection on Founding Fathers

So here is my first official announcement on my next collection. It is on the Founding Fathers. I am calling it "The Divinely Appointed". It is coming together awesome...come visit my site blog for the 1st post. I am going to be releasing each image as I finish it...and I decided that I am going to also show you the creation of each shot at it's different stages. A fun way to see the development of it all. Also give away some secretes on how I do it here and there.

click here for the blog
"MIRACLE BLOG"(http://www.capturedmiracles.org/_blog/Miracles/post/New_Collection/)

Monday, November 2, 2009

New photo art work to share

So I have been very lazy in posting any work that I have been working on outside of Captured Miracles. Well lazy is not the right word...just swamped. With 2 little ones and one on the way, finding time to do the "extras" (like blogging) gets tight, but I am working on making it more of a priority. :)

This is a new born shoot that I did for my midwife. She wanted something that was modern...no fluffy stuff or cursive. I love how it turned out. I have two different kinds so I thought I would post both. There were so many cute shots from the shoot. These were a couple of mine and the mommy Sarah's favorites.

Also I did this bridal a while back and kept meaning to post it but haven't been able to until now. I shot her sister's bridals 6 yrs ago and she called me out of the blue saying that ever since her sister's shoot, she wanted me to do her's. It was a blast, they flew me in and we made a day of it. These are only a few of the many we did. It was so hard to pick my favs. I just LOVED how it turned out. I love treating bridals like fashion magazine shoots. Takes me back to the good old days of my fashion editorial shoots. I guess it is not the good old days since I still do fashion too:)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Award Winning Photo

Gilbert artist wins award with Christ illustration

Link to:
Sept. 24, 2009 10:21 AM
Article in the Gilbert Republic | azcentral.com


Spotlight on . . .Gilbert artist Helen Thomas Robson won the People's Choice Award at the Constitution Week celebration in Gilbert last week for her fine art photo illustration entitled "Remember," which depicts Christ comforting two children dressed in their daddy's army fatigues as they sit at his grave. It's part of a collection of 28 photo illustrations entitled "Captured Miracles" that she created to help children's foundations in their fund raising efforts.

HER REACTION "I was so excited to hear that 'Remember' won the People's Choice Award at one of the largest Constitution celebrations in the nation. I really want to touch and inspire others with what I create. Winning the People's Choice tells me that I am heading in the right direction."

HER GOAL "I created this collection because I wanted to do something with my talents that would help children while touching and inspiring others to make a difference."

SEE HER WORK Between 6:30-9:30 p.m. Saturday Sept 26th, 2009 at The Rockin' R Ranch, 6136 E Baseline Rd, in Mesa. The exhibit is an open-house event for the whole family. For more information on the event and collection, go to www.capturedmiracles.org. Her next exhibit is in Utah.

FUNDRAISING Robson said members of any children's foundation, organization, or church currently looking for fund raising opportunities can contact her Web site or at 480-221-5600.

Helen Thomas Robson
Photo of Helen taken by Jake Johnson

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Friday nights Exhibit and New Exhibit Dates for ARIZONA and UTAH

Our first exhibit, this last Friday, was a great success. We have had many requests for another exhibit this month in Arizona, and have been invited to do one in Utah as well.

"Art To Connect The Heart Exhibit" features a collection of 28 images of Captured Miracles, Fine Art Photography by Helen Thomas Robson. We will be hosting 2 exhibits in the next couple of weeks. These beautiful photos depict Christ interacting with modern day children in real life situations. These exhibit are for the whole family to enjoy and are FREE. Please feel share this invitation with others.

Please become a fan and part of our group on Facebook
"Fan page" and "Group Page" under "Captured Miracles Collection"

Locations for Exhibits in both ARIZONA and UTAH

exhibit is on display
Saturday, Sept 26th 2009
from 6:30-9:30pm
at the
Rockin' R Ranch
6136 E Baseline Rd,
(on Baseline, between Power & Higley)
Mesa, AZ 85206


exhibit is on display
A Lady's Night Out
(everyone is still welcome)
Saturday, Oct. 3rd 2009
from 6:00-9:30pm
at the
Peterson's Residence
1711 N Cherapple Dr.
(1600 N and 700 E area)
Orem, UT 84097

Both nights we will have a
• Free drawing for A Captured Miracles Print

• Will be given away 2 FREE photo shoot sessions with Helen Thomas Robson,
as the prizes
for two contests the night of the exhibit:

These contest are:
1-For the family or individual, that has the most guest over the age of 18 that attend the exhibit that night.
2-For the family or individual, that has the most prints that are purchased that night by their personally invited guest

Special Print Pricing At Exhibits: For purchases or orders made at these two exhibits, prints will be sold at wholesale prices. NOW, is the best time to purchase these prints as wonderful christmas presents. We will see you at the exhibits.

More Information on
"Art To Connect The Heart Exhibit"

This is a series of mini art exhibits of Captured Miracles Collection which will be hosted by a different children's foundation on the 2nd weekend of each month. These foundations will choose 10 to 12 images, from the collect of 28 images, to have on display, that best represent/relates to their cause. Through sales and auctions of the prints we will help raise funds for the hosting foundation and provide a wonderful enviroment for them to share their cause and how others can help.

Also visit us at www.capturedmiracles.org for more info and to view images

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A couple EASY ways you can help spread the word:

Come to exhibit and bring your friends and family, and share this invite with all you know.
• Become a FAN on FACEBOOK it is under "Captured Miracles Collection by Helen Thomas Robson" and share with all your facebook contacts to become a fan too.
Display your print in your home, and tell others about our mission to help children with the funds we raise. Encourage them to visit our site and display a print in their home as well. http://www.capturedmiracles.org
• If you have a website or blog put a link to our site and blogs. Make a post about the project and display your favorite prints (you are welcome to grab images off my blog site that you can put on your own. http://capturedmiracles.blogspot.com. (these are just a few images you can choose from you are welcome to choose others as well)
Share contacts you many have to children's foundations or causes that we can talk with them about helping them raise funds for their cause with our exhibit. (email me at helen@bounceproduction.com or call me 480-221-5600 with info)

Exhibit on Friday, September 11th

Event is Friday, September 11th,
from 5pm to 7pm

On the anniversary of 9-11, what an wonderful event to have
that is focused on helping others. Please Join us.

At: Rockin R Ranch
6136 East Baseline Rd.
Mesa, AZ 85206

Im putting this on for all the models that participated in the creation of "Captured Miracles", and their friends and family. BUT Anyone is invited to come.

After over a year of working on this collection it is finally finished with prints ready to exhibit and also your prints ready to give to you for participating. I will have all the model's prints at the exhibit for you to pick up.

I am hosting an art exhibit to share with you the final images of the collection, (this will be the only time the collection will be exhibited as a whole) also to share with you "Art To Connect The Heart Exhibit Series" a way that children's foundations can use this collection to raise funds for their cause. The exhibit will be displayed from 5-7 and a short presentation of how we are helping foundations with "Art To Connect The Heart Exhibit"

A special prize will be given for two contests.
1-for the family or individual, that has the most guest over the age of 18 that attend the exhibit that night.
2-for the family or individual, that has the most prints that are purchased that night (there will be a 20% discount to all in attendance that purchase or order that night)
(be sure to tell your guests to sign in with your name for credit to the contest)

I am so excited about all the children we will be able to help with this collection. Please share this invite with others. Thank you so much for your help.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Art To Connect The Heart Exhibits"

"Art To Connect The Heart Exhibits"

This is a monthly exhibit of Captured Miracles that will be starting soon. The exhibit will be held at a different location and be sponsored by a different foundation each month. Only 8 to 12 works will be exhibited each time. This will be an opportunity for the sponsoring foundation or businesses to share information about their cause, and through art, connect to your heart, and share with you how you can make a difference.

We could use your help now in getting things started.
Below is a list of different topics that the Captured Miracles Images represent. We are looking for foundations that we can contact and work together with them in getting the word out about their cause. If you know of any foundations that you have a connection to, or just love as a foundation, please leave a comment below. This info will be sent to our office and any private information will be pulled before publishing the comment. (private info such as contact name and numbers, emails etc.) or you are welcome to contact us by
clicking here and submit the info.

strengthening the family
strengthening mother and daughter relationships
nightmares and over coming fear
friendship groups
hypno birhting
mid wives
home birth
children’s leadership
pro life
Homeless teens/ shelters
foster care
disaster relief
battered women and children shelters
postpartum depression
drug and alcohol
baby safe haven
saving the earth
helping 3rd world countries
miracle births
sexual abuse
families of soldiers
families of fallen soldiers
teens saying no to drugs
downs syndrome
mother support groups
christian youth groups

Take a look at our gallery and If you have any other ideas of topics that we can help that are not listed, please share. Right now we are looking foundations or businesses that would like to do an exhibit the 2nd Friday of September and 2nd Friday of October.