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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Art To Connect The Heart Exhibits"

"Art To Connect The Heart Exhibits"

This is a monthly exhibit of Captured Miracles that will be starting soon. The exhibit will be held at a different location and be sponsored by a different foundation each month. Only 8 to 12 works will be exhibited each time. This will be an opportunity for the sponsoring foundation or businesses to share information about their cause, and through art, connect to your heart, and share with you how you can make a difference.

We could use your help now in getting things started.
Below is a list of different topics that the Captured Miracles Images represent. We are looking for foundations that we can contact and work together with them in getting the word out about their cause. If you know of any foundations that you have a connection to, or just love as a foundation, please leave a comment below. This info will be sent to our office and any private information will be pulled before publishing the comment. (private info such as contact name and numbers, emails etc.) or you are welcome to contact us by
clicking here and submit the info.

strengthening the family
strengthening mother and daughter relationships
nightmares and over coming fear
friendship groups
hypno birhting
mid wives
home birth
children’s leadership
pro life
Homeless teens/ shelters
foster care
disaster relief
battered women and children shelters
postpartum depression
drug and alcohol
baby safe haven
saving the earth
helping 3rd world countries
miracle births
sexual abuse
families of soldiers
families of fallen soldiers
teens saying no to drugs
downs syndrome
mother support groups
christian youth groups

Take a look at our gallery and If you have any other ideas of topics that we can help that are not listed, please share. Right now we are looking foundations or businesses that would like to do an exhibit the 2nd Friday of September and 2nd Friday of October.

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