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Monday, September 1, 2008

First set of images

I am so excited about this photo collection I am putting together. I have been wanting to use my talents, in photography and art, to help children, so I developed a series of around 30 works of art ... I have named it "Captured Miracles" . These are photos that portray Christ interacting with modern day children in different real life situations. Prints will be available for purchase very soon. We will be donating proceeds to foundations that make a difference in children's lives.

I am still in the works of getting things together ...I am looking for children's foundations, churches, and organizations, that would like to help participate with this project, by hosting exhibits, and helping to spread the word so that we can help more children, through the purchase of the prints. The exhibits will be nation wide, this holiday season. We are looking for help nation wide in this effort. Check our blogs for updates on these events. I will have a site and blog up soon for this project. Until then just check back here.



Heath Family said...

I'm friends with Heather Weir and I want to help. I live in Idaho and could help plan an exhibit if you need one here.
I have two miracles of my own, my 2 daughters. My two year old has type 1 diabetes, and my 1 year old spent the first 4 months of her life in Primary Children's Hospital, having had 2 brain and 2 heart surgeries. I think raising money for children is a wonderful cause!
After looking at the picture of Christ with the Down's Syndrome children, I think my brother is one of them. I don't know if you have names of all the kids, but the boy with dark hair, with his face next to Christ's would be my brother, Ben Richey.

Megann Heath

Helen Thomas Robson said...

Megann, That would be wonderful. I would love your help with doing an exhibit in Idaho. Email me at
with your contact info and number and we will talk details. Yes, it sounds like that is your brother. What a small world. The shoot he was in was so much fun to do. And so cute too.I will have to write about it on the blog soon.

For anyone that would like to help with exhibits or anything else in spreading the word email me as well.

Erika Amezquita said...

Hey Helen,

I cannot wait until these are available and you have everything ready so I can start telling people about it. I keep checking the site hoping to see it's ready! I'm so excited. Thanks again for all that you do!


just me said...

hi helen!!

i'm over in northwest peoria and would LOVE to help put on an exhibit over on this end of the valley. let me know what to do and i'll do it. these photos are absolutely amazing. make me cry amazing!! i LOVE it!! thank you so much for these photos.

jannet mcvey