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Monday, September 15, 2008

What Do They Do All Day In Heaven?

I Illustrated this Children's book when I was 19 yrs old. Wow, that was 14 yrs ago. We worked with SIDS Alliance (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Alliance) in helping them raise funds. It was very successful, the book helped them double what their normal donations were. Im excited to include it with helping to raise funds for children with Captured Miracles Collection.

My aunt, Staci Crowton Thomas, had two sets of twins under the age of two years old. One of her babies from the second set died of SIDS at two months old. Her little two year old twins were so upset, she couldn't find any children's books at the time, that could help comfort them. So she took their questions that they asked about their baby sister in heaven and put them into a poem and I illustrated pictures for it. The book is not ment to explain death, but to give a child's view of heaven, to comfort them and to open up the doors for the family to talk and start the healing process. It is non denominational and is ment for not just children but anyone looking for comfort after the death of a loved one. Come and take a peak into a little child's heaven.

If you would like to purchase a book, email us at
to put in your order.

Proceeds will be donated to children's foundations with the rest of the Captured Miracles Collection.

link to

(this link shows only a few pages of the book.)


~Danielle~ said...

I just wanted to express my gratitude for this book. I got it about 14 years ago, soon after my sister died. I was only four at the time so I didn't really understand where she went. This book was read to me practically every night for years on end and it is still dearly treasured to this day.

Helen Thomas Robson said...

Wow, thank you Danielle for sharing that. Im sorry that I did not respond sooner. I have not been using this blog for a long time. I really appreciate you sharing your heart. Thanks you
Helen Thomas Robson
Illustrator of "What Do They Do All Day In Heaven?"