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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Who plays the Role of Christ in your photos?

This is a question that Erin asked in a recent comment. I have had several people ask me. So I thought I would post an answer.

Christ is being portrayed by a long time friend of mine, Jason Calvi. He did a wonderful job with all the shoots. Last fall when I asked him to do the shoot for me, I saw that he was growing his hair out for fun. I said to him, "Don't cut your hair. I want you to do a photo shoot with me and I need your hair long." When I told him that I wanted him to play Christ. It took him off guard, it's quite a role to play, I could tell that he felt uneasy with the idea at first. He jokingly said, "What... you want an Italian Jesus?" We both laughed and I told him I was serious and that I knew that he could pull it off. All we needed was for him to grow facial hair, and put the robes on him. As long as he had the basics it would look great. To both our surprise, it turned out better then we thought it would. Even after the first day of shooting he was still thinking that he didn't look like Christ. When he and his wife saw the shots from that day. The shot of himself with the little baby "Child of God" with the gold tones (that baby is his little boy Hayden at 3 wks old),it is the shot that convinced his wife (I think she was a little not sure as well)

The shot of the battered mother and 2 children(the shot that I use as part of the Title of this blog)...that one was the shot that got him(it is his favorite). He said that particular shot, when he looks at it, he doesn't see himself, he sees Christ. It really made a strong impression on him. I have to say it did me as well, It is also one of my favorites. I have known Jason for many many years. When I see these shots I don't see Jason, I see Christ. He was amazing at catching the loving look that I picture Christ having when he looks children. There is so much love and emotion that comes across in his face, eyes and body language. I know that he was led by the spirit in knowing what to do to achieve the feelings and emotion he did.

Jas, your awesome....thank you thank you thank you. I'm excited to work on our next project that is already brewing in my mind:) So start growing your hair out again:)

This shot is a perfect example of the amazing look of emotion in the eyes. I love how they are looking at each other in this shot. The connection between them is amazing.

This shot is called "The Master's Touch", no matter what happens to us in life. When we fall down he is there for us, but it is up to use to choose to get back up on the bike.

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