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Monday, November 3, 2008

New Site and New Images

Our official site is up and running. www.capturedmiracles.org

It has a blog on it too. So my new blog address is http://www.capturedmiracles.org/_blog/Miracles
I will be leaving this one up for a while, till everyone makes the switch and I finish switching my past posts over.

On this site I do not have the images for sell on it. With the new site, there is a new system. Which is way more advanced and put together. But I promise purchasing the images will be available by Thanks Giving if not sooner. In time for Christmas. Yeah!!!

Here area couple more images.

The first is called "Safe" (generic for anything involving children)

The second is called "From My Heart To Yours" (adoption)


Monica said...

I can't wait until you finish the picture you took with Joslyn, Mitch and Jake. I am dying to see it!

Helen Thomas Robson said...

Hey monica...you r such a good friend. you have been waiting for so long with no complants...I have good news, their shot will be done before the end of the week...if not sooner